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Atlas Content Management System

Atlas Content Management System

Take control of your website with our easy to use CMS

Atlas CMS is apexweb’s easy to use Content Management System enabling companies of all sizes to easily manage and update their websites since 1999.

Atlas8 is the current version of our CMS which gives you complete control over the content on your website.

Using a web browser you can change any of the page content, page images or stock, view and process orders and many other online tasks, all within the secure Atlas CMS systems.

The content management system is available in three versions, Atlas8 business edition, AtlasEcommerce for online shops and Atlas8Lite which is a streamlined version designed for small businesses and personal websites.

The page content and stock editing facilities in Atlas CMS is very similar to any word processing software package. The WYSIWYG system allows you to see the changes you make in real time and you can even paste the information into your website from other packages such as Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Excel®.

Atlas Dashboard
Atlas Reports
Atlas stock

Below are just some of the many features in the Atlas CMS systems: