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Please come to our shop and browse our large range of Fossils, Minerals & Crystals. Many rare specimens available and we will endeavour to acquire any items that you require.

We stock a wide range of large and small items to suit every pocket.

Our wide selection of minerials range from large specimen pieces to small mini boxed samples. They come from all over the world and some from old collections.

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A slab of Scunthorpe Ammonites. include Ammonites, Gastropods, Brachropods, Sprirferids, Bi-valves, Fish, Dinosaur footprints, bone and coprolite.

Lapis Lasuli jewellery hand crafted by Afghan refugees using old techniques and traditional Afghan silver. Also Lapis carvings.

A collection of Baltic Amber in Silver using yellow, red and green Amber. Amber carvings

A large example of a Smokey Quartz Point. (33 Kg )

Turquoise and silver handmade jewellery by Zuni and other native American Indians. Also Zuni fetish carvings.

We also have soapstone carvings by Shona tribesmen from Zimbabwe. Many varieties of spheres, pyramides, obelisks, wands, agate slices, clocks, candle holders, tumbled stones and tumblers.

Fossils from the local Dorset coastline, also from Scunthorpe, Morocco and the USA

Mixed minerial pieces from Puru, with pyrite, sphalarite, chalcopryrite, tetrahedrite, Manganocalite and quartz.

We also have Blue Celesite Geodes form Madagascar, Mexican Flourities, Fazer Hush Flourites, Blue John, Calcite`s, Selenites and many others.

We have Zeolites from Nasik Poona, India. Containing Okenite, Scolercite, Prenite, Loumonite, Gyrolite, Stilbite and Apophylite.

Quartz clusters, points, double terminated points, Amethyst including one of the finest Geodes ever found and Tourmnlines all from Minas Geras Brazil.